Moxie’s best pose for the camera

Toppy having the perfect nap
“We’re so happy to have you take care of our dogs. Not only is it a relief to know that they don’t have to spend the whole day alone, but we know they enjoy their walks so much. On days that they walk with you we notice that they’re happier and a lot more relaxed when we come home at night. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service for us.”
– J. W.


Gus and Betty are roommates at home and in the dog park water bucket

Is it time for my walk yet?
“This service has been splendid. Not only is it about the same price as leaving my cat, Spaz, with the vet when I go on vacation, it is much less stressful for her. When I left the cat at the vet she would always come back having lost weight due to the stress of having to spend the day in the kennel, I’m also told she would spend much of the day meowing because she doesn’t like other animals. Then when I got her home I would have to put her through a bath because she would have fleas, all in all not good. Now when I come home it’s obvious that Spaz has been comfy during my absence (I wonder sometimes if she notices I’ve been gone). Thanks so much for being there when I can’t.”
– A. M.


Matty and Gus splash around at the dog park on a hot summer day

Teddy and Griffy taking a rest in Elysian Park

Maggie sniffs around on a perfect springtime day

Lenny and Jaeger share a nap on the way home